The game is a twist on the classic crossword puzzle – just choose a clue and connect the pieces to solve it.


The initial launch released simultaneously in 13 countries. A lot of experimentation was required with different layouts, format and content to optimize for each of these countries. After tests with static images and video we found out some countries responded better to carousel or just an image, and in some countries video ads performed better.


Initially when I started working on ASO (“App Store Optimization”) for this game, the icon was depicted the face of the main character, “Crozzy”, and promotional screenshots included a lot of grey color.
The amount of people downloading after they were coming to the store was quite low: around 19%. After some research and market analysis I realised that the icon should say what the game is about. While the face popped out among the mass of various icons it did not help the target audience understand what kind of game it was.

By experimenting with A/B-tests where alternative designs for both the icon and screenshots were used, I was able to increase the number of installs from 19% to 50-60%.