Quizduel Business targets companies and organizations. It uses the technology of the popular game “Quizduel” to spread organisational knowledge in a fun and informal way and lets you play against your colleagues in an exciting head-to-head quiz.



The design and principle of this game was exactly the same as the Quizduel. The icon differed from the Quizduel icon only in color: it was black. Apple considered this as a repeat of the game and gave us a short time to change the icon and design of the game. So i was tasked with changing the game graphics without changing the code in the game.


For the icon I left the black colour that associated it with the previous icon. For the logo I combined the stage as a symbol of growth, and the book as a symbol of education.

Changing the game was a challenge: I could only dedicate a few days to this project and there was only one developer at hand, who helped switched to the assets that I made.

Working at a rapid pace, the backgrounds were completely reworked to contain photos, each custom theme updated with new colours and a new flat style.

Taken together, we achieved a new business look and the game was re-approved by Apple.