Quizduel party

A digital board game where players answer general knowledge trivia questions and use their quizzing skills in a race to the finish line.

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The challenge in this case centred around conveying a number of things at once. These included explaining the gameplay, highlighting the social element of the game and making clear that it is played in an offline mode and requires all participants to share a single device. In order to achieve this, I filmed my colleagues playing the game. It helped me to convey sincere emotions and demonstrate the gameplay in a natural way.


For the icon I chose a “3D” style. I performed several A/B tests in order to identify which icon design performs the best. The recognised letter “Q” (Quizduel’s logo)  helped people to understand what the game was about, while the “3D” style made it easier to make the connection to the “real” board game.

As for the screenshots, I have used several backgrounds: home, office, bar, picnic etc. This enabled me to communicate the central message, i.e. that one can ”play anywhere and anytime”.