A platform for real-life events and activities.  This platform will allow customers to get quick access to a broad range of CityQuest, HomeQuest, OfficeQuest

Target audience

Corporate clients: employees of small, middle and large companies who are constantly looking for team-building events and activities.

Private clients: people in the age range 25-45 who are maintaining an active lifestyle and are ready to try new things. It can be a party event, an activity with friends, a family activity or a tourist activity.


The symbol represents the combination of the quest, maze and fingerprint.
That aligns with the idea of this platform - to spend quality time together and solve the quest.

The font for this logo, which was created by me: sans serif, bold, fundamental, open, confident. 


Muli - was used for webpages, app, etc. It's light, easily readable, works well with the logo.
Comfortaa - was chosen for the slogan and when it needs to add a more playful element.  

Web pages

Game App

Social Media - Instagram

We tried to keep it simple, closer to people and add a few identity touches.