A great solution for a faster and more effective recruiting process. The B2B platform helps companies to connect with top agencies and find the best talents quickly.

Staff Request Flow 


I was asked to make the "Staff Request Flow" on the platform more efficient and helpful to find the right candidate for a position.

We had a list of desired information from agencies, which I used to highlight the most important questions. This had to be balanced with not overwhelming the customer with too many fields.


So my work started with extensive research on all kinds of recruiting platforms, to understand similar user experiences and collect all components which we have already or will need. 

All of them went through a series of questions: Why do we need it? What answer the agencies would need? How it can be simplified? Is it possible to make it pre-filled and reuse the data we already have? etc.

When the structure was ready I visualised all knowledge gathered, using the company branding style.

I wanted the UI to feel more welcoming to work with because we all know how boring can it be to fill out forms. It should be easily understandable, pre-filled if we already have the data, possible to re-arrange it and have clear feedback in interactions.

Job Position Overview 


The table overview had to show a lot of information. It should be easy to understand and find the information you need as fast as possible. My job was to define what kind of information is the most important and which UI control users would be needed.

I needed to change not only UX but as well UI as we did a rebranding with new colours, icons and overall style.


I created a new design system in Figma with table elements so I can easily drag and drop columns, change status and play with all table components. 
I conducted interviews with potential users (HR's from big companies) who helped me filter out which information is essential and not. 
Based on their feedback I improved the table and added useful ways of filtering and changed UI copy to be clearer.

Candidate Finder 


A candidate Finder should show all job details and all talents a recruiter has, with the possibility to see candidate information and propose the position to them.

  Users were struggling with relevant information not being shown at the same time which required users to constantly navigate between tabs.


To make it easier for recruiters I divided the screen into "Position Details" and "Candidates". Since users could now see both these details as the same time, this helped with finding the right candidate for the position.

The candidate row was made expandable and it shows all information you need to make a decision to send a  proposal or not.