A social quiz game where you can challenge your friends and other quizzers to trivia duels and learn new things.

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Before a new design release, I A/B tested screenshots to increase the Conversion Rate for this game and to refresh the store page. The winner of the test you can find below had + 21 better performance than the old one. 

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Facebook page cover was changed together with a new design release. I rigged and animated QD characters so it looks more alive and attaractive.


I have been responsible for creating a range of different ad types, formatting and experimenting with content. In most cases I tended to come back to the initial design, which was simple and to the point and proved to be the most effective in catching the audience’s attention. The key trick was to find a combination of content and design that allowed one to understand the gameplay in a matter of seconds and left one intrigued. Getting this combination right enabled me to get people to react very well to the ads. I managed to bring the CPI to a record low for a majority of the targeted countries.


It is important for me have a full overview of a project: not only from the perspective of ad performance, but also through forming a strong community and ensuring its organic growth in social networks.


In Quizduel I worked with a number of  localized pages on Facebook (one for each of the 20 countries) and other local social networks (e.g. vkontakte.ru). I was working closely with content creation teams to produce high quality localised posts, taking into consideration various factors, such as language, culture and perception differences. Some of the examples include holiday posts, organisation of competitions (best question, best theme, etc.) and poll questions.

“Finally they found each other” – a carousel ad to inform players about a new feature which helped players find friends in the game.