Comedy Stockholm

A Stand Up show that takes place in Stockholm for Russian-speaking people 2 or 3 times per year.
It was first held in 2014 and has been a success ever since. Each show gathered around 400 guests. 

I was part of the initial organising team, which grew up to 15-20 people. We tried to keep the quality as high as possible and all our comedians were a mix of established and upcoming comics.


Responsibilities included art direction of the whole event. I created everything branding-related, helped with organising and with promotional- and intro videos. Also was in charge of managing streaming and videos, coordination with sound and video operators during the show.

The logo itself has a round form to fit the brand strategy: a round form works very well on the backdrop, sponsor wall, posters etc.
We had very "Stand Up" colours - red, black and white, that strengthen the association of this event, as well as microphones and a bow instead of two letters.

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Consent & Show

A video-poster that we ran on our social pages and as a promoted ad.

Promotional material changed for each event, each with a new and fresh style. The last few posters represented the concept of a city upside down, showing the atmosphere of the event: an evening totally different from others, and an unforgettable show.

We were quite active in our social media channels. There were different competitions where the prize was a ticket. We also created playful promotional videos for the coming event by our team or by artists.